R-PET Flakes & Resin from bottles


The selection plant divides and prepares the plastic packaging for the subsequent recycling process.
The selection, through high resolution NIR (Near InfraRed) detectors, takes place by polymer type and, when dealing with containers for PET liquids, also by color.


The PET bottles separated by color (clear, light blue, multicolor), are transformed into flakes through a process involving several phases: grinding, hot washing, flotation and centrifugation. The high quality of the R-PET allows for their use in multiple sectors such as packaging, automotive, textile and construction. In particular, the R-PET are used for the production of straps for packaging, textile fiber, thermoforming plates and containers

PET Resin

PET Pellets are produced after a careful process applied to the hot washed flakes for purification and tempering of the structure in order get a top quality product, normally they are used in the performing industry and the thermoformed packaging industry.